Connecting healthcare professionals to

electronic Instructions for Use

dokspot provides Medical Device Manufacturers security by organising all your instructions and making them available to your customers.

How it works

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Organising all your instructions

With dokspot, you can organise all your device instructions in one place. Simply associate your instructions to products, versions, languages and countries making them easy to sort and find. Safely publish your electronic instructions through a controlled approval workflow and understand what happened at all times through a documented audit trail.

How it works

Making your instructions available

Medical device instructions must be available to healthcare professionals at all times. The dokspot service is designed to meet this requirement. With just 3 clicks your customers have direct access to your instructions. And the only brand your customers see is yours. dokspot stays in the background and ensures a high availability infrastructure in compliance with regulations. 


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Contact us. Together we can evaluate your situation and provide our experience and know how to you. With your commitment we support introduction of electronic instructions to your organisation, your products and your customers.