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Organise all your instructions for use and make them available to your customers – Directly Linked to your products, Compliant, Secure and Branded.

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How our eIFU service works

What you get with dokspot

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Focus on your business

dokspot gives you a compliant electronic instructions platform. We are here to take away the inconvenience of developing and managing a proprietary eIFU platform so that you can focus on your business and customers.

Why businesses choose dokspot

Improve your processes

By market launch

No longer do you need to wait for all translations to be completed to launch your product in key markets.

Simpler supply chain

No longer do you need to manage ordering, warehousing, production planning, inventory replenishment, supplier management for paper IFU.

Simpler product management

No need to manage multiple SKUs for one product due to IFU translations.

Improve patient safety

Improve Patient safety

link instructions and products

Give your customers a ‘Find’ experience instead of making them search. Define the link between product and IFU using REF, GTIN or any property you wish. You can decide.

Language and version Management

Provide healthcare practitioners access to document in their language and in legible font size. Keep a version history giving healthcare practitioners access to the correct documentation.

don’t break the seal

Allow healthcare practitioners to review product documentation without having to break your products seal.

Security First

We recognise the importance of instructions as part of your medical device. dokspot is designed keep your data safe.

Audit Trail

Keep an audit trail of all team actions carried out on the dokspot service. Share it with Quality Assurance and external auditors.

dokspot Audit Trail
dokspot Service Uptime

Uptime Monitoring

We health check your website endpoint every minute. In the rare event of a disturbance we are notified immediately.

Audience Analytics (coming soon)

Gain insights into how physicians are using your product documentation. What information are they looking for, where are they spending their time.

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