Securely Manage your instructions

Upload instructions

The dokspot infrastructure allows you to digitally attach Instructions for Use (as well as other product related instruction tools like Operating Techniques or Patient Information) directly to your products. All information uploaded is electronically secured to ensure originality. Your product is the logic access to all current and previous versions of the documents in all available languages.

Create associations

You decide which language is associated with which countries. You also determine the references (e.g. the product code and/or the product name) used by your customer to access the instructions directly and unambiguously. You benefit from an innovative eIFU system that provides a positive experience to your customers.

Approve & publish

Your organization is guided through an approval workflow to ensure electronic instructions are released in the intended format at the intended time. The layers of the approval process can be adapted to your existing processes and the structure of your organisation.

Track changes

Every activity of your organization is tracked and documented for security and quality purposes. A dashboard gives you an overview over the activities and a full audit trail can be documented if required for quality management purposes.

Get started

Contact us. Together we can evaluate your situation and provide our experience and know how to you. With your commitment we support introduction of electronic instructions to your organisation, your products and your customers.

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